M J Painting has a 6,000 square foot shop complete with air filtration system, exhaust, down draft booth for specialty painting and a dry heater for curing the coatings.

Our blast shop and large spray booth are designed to keep the environment clean while contributing to a high quality industrial finish. M J Painting is one of the only sandblasting and painting companies in the region to have a state of the art, shop blasting and painting facility that also offers our in-shop services all year.

In-shop painting and coating crews are DENSO® and SPC® certified and trained in respirator use and safety complying with OSHA Respiratory Protection standards.

Surface Preparation

Surface preparation is the most important element prior to the application of paints and coatings. M J Painting’s safety certified coating crews have blasting equipment and precision hand tools necessary to prepare the surface according to the paint manufacturer’s specifications.

Hand Tools:

Surface preparation may also require bristle brushing or other hand held sanding methods. Our painters have the industry experience, equipment and training necessary to prepare the surface and apply the proper coatings.

Sand Glass and Vapor Blasting:

M J Painting offers in-shop and onsite abrasive sand blasting, water blasting and glass blasting.

Internal Diameter Blasting & Coating:

M J Painting has the equipment capable of rotating inside pipe. Internal diameter blasting and coating is a service offered by M J Painting both in-shop and in the field.

Coatings and Painting

Many times the painting you need or the finish specified requires the item to be painted in a controlled environment.

M J Painting Contractor Corp. has full service, in-shop coating, painting and sand blasting staffed by experienced sand blasters and paint finishers.

In-shop coating crews are DENSO®, SPC® Certified (Specialty Polymer Coatings Inc.) All wear respirators and are trained in their use and safety.

In Shop Blasting & Coating services include:

  • Ball valves
  • Meter skids
  • Vessels
  • Equipment
  • Trailers
  • Frac tanks
  • Small to large diameter pipe
  • NACE CIP 1 Inspection
  • Manufacturing parts
  • Staining
  • Varnishing
  • Woodwork

Certified Plural Component Applications

M J Painting specializes in DENSO® and SPC® certified applications. Plural component spray application is the simultaneous spraying of two combined coatings. Ideal for new pipeline and rehab or recoating projects, M J Painting’s DENSO® and SPC® Certified Painters apply a unique coating created exclusively for underground pipelines. We use specialized SPC® applicator equipment for dual coating process efficiency.

Our highly trained crews are experienced with temperature and coating technique specific to plural component applications. M J Painting’s in-shop coaters wear respirators and are trained in their use and safety.

Plural Component Application is ideal for Shop Application, ARO (Directional Bores), Tanks, Containments, New Pipelines and Pipeline Rehab Projects.

M J Painting’s plural component services and certifications include:

In-Shop Plural Component Certifications:

  • Certified Applicators of SPC-2888®, 4888®, 8888®, 9888®, DENSO Protal 7100®, 7125®, 7200® & 7900HT®
  • SPC- 2888® Epoxy Pipeline Coating Certified
  • SPC- 2888® Applicators
  • DENSO® Certified
  • NACE Certified
  • OSHA Respiratory Protection Program trained

Plural Component Services & Equipment:

  • Mobile spray rigs
  • In-shop coating services
  • Onsite coating services


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How We Work

See our environmentally approved Containment and Surface Preparation procedures exclusively designed to meet the needs of the Oil & Gas Industry.

Quality Control

Quality Control Documentation is provided on every MJ Painting job, more information about the jobsite data capturing process is found on our Quality Control page.