Your teams did a great job.  I like the sense of urgency you all bring to the table along with the quality of work, communication, and of course those inspection reports.  Mainly, I’m glad to see you all followed through with everything we talked about during our initial meeting last year in Kansas City.  I’ve found everyone talks a good game in those initial discussions, but not everyone can actually follow through with it once they get the work!  But you guys handled the workload very well and again did a great job for us.  Appreciate the hard work and yes look forward to see what next year shapes into.

– Project Manager – Gas Pipeline Company

Well, the guys left for the last time from our hotel this morning. We will miss them as they have become like family to us. I would really like to take the time to tell you how great it was to have them here, and working with you as well. M J Painting has a wonderful group of men that really take pride in their work and make the company look good while they are on a job. We have seen and worked with a bunch of companies. Believe me when I say, your company carried themselves with the utmost pride and professionalism that companies aspire to, but rarely have. We thank you for letting us be a part of your Tuscola tour (so to speak). After being a part of it this time, your company is definitely a group I would love to work with again.”

-Regional Hotel Manager

“Mike and his Team are hard-working, honest, service and customer oriented and love the Greater Olean Region!”

– Corey Wiktor, Executive Director,
County of Cattaraugus Industrial Development Agency

“I would like to thank your crew for the great job getting us looking good for our audit this week. We came through with no violations.”

– Joe Miner

Hey Mike,

One of the more philosophical quotes that I try to live by:

“The foundation stones for a balanced success are honesty, character, integrity, innovation, love, and loyalty.”

You and your crew seem to have checked all the boxes.

Always a pleasure doing business.


– Mark Folland, Facilities  Manager, Cutco Cutlery Corp

“Thank you for sending John and his crew for the work on the project. Customer is very happy with the product they put out. Their quality of coating was outstanding. I truly believe we are the shoe-ins for next year!”

– Project Manager – Pipeline Construction Company

“It was nice talking with you today. Your guys did a great job!”

– Manager of Compressor Operations
for a Midstream Gas Company

“The crew did an excellent job on the above grade coating. Very professional.”

– Michael L. Holland,
Midstream Gas Company Chief Inspector

“Shane did an outstanding job. Nothing but compliments to him and crew from Superintendent on site.”

– Project Manager
for a Midstream Pipeline Construction Company

“All my station supervisors say your crews do excellent work in a timely manner. We appreciate that kind of service and look forward to our continued business relationship.”

– Oil & Gas Distribution Field Supervisor

“Always great work on our projects.”


“I just wanted to touch base and let you know I was extremely pleased with the work that Rick and his counterpart did for us at the Mt. Sequoyah setting. It wasn’t ideal circumstances with much work still needed done at the site but they persevered and made it happen. I’ll be in touch as the next project grows closer. I hope you and the family are doing well and hope you have a great holiday season!.”

– Justin with Black Hills Energy – Arkansas

“We appreciate the great job you did. The guys spoke very highly of your Team and the work they completed.”

– Gas Operations Supervisor
for an Energy Infrastructure Company

“Great working with the MJ Crew. Knowledgeable, hardworking and top-notch quality. In 30 plus years of inspecting recoat projects, I have never seen a company that works well with others, has advanced equipment with no break downs, applies coating consistently with no holidays; made my job easy. I have a lot of friends that are engineers that I will be passing along your company name and the quality of work you performed.”

– Pipeline Coating Inspector