Oil & Gas

Oil & Gas Compressor Station

Abrasive blasting and coating above- and below-ground pipe at a fabrication facility for natural gas compressor stations

M J Painting recently interviewed with Coatings Pro Magazine about a massive oil and natural gas coating job we completed for one of the largest pipeline companies in North America.

Our expertise in the field and quality of service helped us land this particular job of abrasive blasting and coating the pipe at a fabrication facility for natural gas compressor stations. Over the course of 9 months, we had to abrasive blast and coat the 25,000–30,000 square feet for above- and below-ground areas with strict deadlines, material shortages and COVID-19 restrictions.

Highlights of the Job


  • Protected equipment with flange covers, heavy-duty duct tape from
    Scotch to protect ID tags, and canvas tarps
  • Blasted substrate using Marco and Bristle Blasters to near-white NACE No. 2/SSPC-SP 10
  • Applied SPC SG-2888 RG to below-ground areas at 20–50 mils DFT
  • Applied epoxy coatings to above-ground areas at 12–18 mils DFT
  • Coated tie ins after equipment was installed


  • M J was under a time constraint and had to deal with material shortages.
  • The crew had to navigate around other contractors.
  • COVID-19 posed additional parameters on the jobsite.
  • They were working around sensitive equipment, so coating and abrasive
    blasting had to be contained.


  • Hot work permits for working on live lines, job safety analysis permits, four-gas monitors worn at all times
  • Held tailgate meetings to discuss jobsite hazards
  • Wore hard hats, safety glasses, high-impact work gloves, steel-toed
    boots, high-visibility shirts, flame-resistant clothing, ear protection,
    respirators, and fall protection, as necessary

The crew of 20 pulled the nine-month job off without a hitch. They coated all 25,000–30,000 square feet (2,322.6–2,787.1 m2), and they got it all done under deadline.

Read more in the Coatings Pro Magazine March 2022 article: “Piping Hot: Coating Pipe at a Facility for Natural Gas Compressor Stations”