Wellsville Library Cupola Project

David A. Howe Library Cupola Project: Planning for this project took 2 years and it took 1 month to complete the work. This project had its many challenges with the biggest obstacle to overcome being the work area was not reachable by the largest man lifts in the country.

We decided to erect scaffolding encompassing the entire 3 story Cupola on all sides. The Cupola is 30 feet tall and is octagon shaped. The scaffolding gave us the access plus the SAFETY we needed.

Preparation of the surfaces for this project were many. Surfaces to be coated included copper, wood and galvanized metal. 6 different paint types were used because of the multiple surfaces in play.

Our steps to prep the surfaces included; power washing, hand scrapping, hand sanding, priming, caulking, puttying and applying finish paint.

A special thanks to our crew of Adam and Tom Evans. They worked hard and took a lot of pride in doing this project the right way.

M J Painting is extremely proud to be part of this historic project. This is the 3rd historic project we have performed this year, the other two being the Portville Free Library and The Franklinville Town Hall.

David A. Howe Library opened in 1937 and is still an active community library today.