Oil & Gas

Contact Tower Painting

There are all sorts of assets our customers look to protect from corrosion and other issues. This Contact Tower is part of a Dehydration system at a natural gas compressor station located in Stueben County NY.
M J Painting crew of Alex Harenda and Deacon Phearsdorf completed this maintenance recoat process for a great customer of ours.
After sandblasting the tower and associated piping, MJP crews applied a Zinc Clad 4100 primer, then a Macropoxy intermediate layer and an Acrolon Ultra as the finish coat. This system provides cathodic protection, protection from corrosion and weathering and UV protection for a solution that should last for years to come.
A dehydration system is a key component used by our customers to get their products to market. Protecting those assets from corrosion and other diminishing factors increases their ability to deliver the gas to their customers while keeping everyone safe, now and into the future.
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