Hotel Painting

Hotel Exterior Power Wash and Painting Project

Our customer’s Embassy Suites property located in Syracuse; NY needed some attention. The windows were showing signs of weathering and the Stucco siding was in need of a power washing and new coat of paint.
The MJP crew of Dan Evans, Rich Chiapuso and Jacob Darin power washed and cleaned the entire building. Using 2 – 80’ articulating lifts, they were able to get at all the buildings Stucco exterior. They then applied a special primer to seal the stucco surface to prepare for the finish coat. The finish coat was a special coating used on Stucco and Dryvit surfaces. Know as a self-cleaning paint, this coating will keep the buildings exterior looking new for years to come.
If harsh outdoor elements have taken a toll on your building, you might want to discuss moving away from standard paints and opting for a more resilient, long-term solution. Today’s coatings have come a long way and can protect your properties exterior finishes whether they are Stucco, Dryvit, EIFS, concrete or masonry.
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