In-Shop Sandblasting and Painting Project

Our customer received in the wrong coating on their pipe.  They asked us to remove the external coating and re-coat the pipe with a Hi-temp coating.

We were glad to oblige them.  However, removing the old coating was a challenge.  We used an aggressive blast to clean off old coating and to prepare the surface for the prime coat.  After the prime coat, we applied Heatflex hi-temp 1200 coating.   As a final step, we top coated the pipe spools with a zinc top coat.

We had a couple of crews working on this project over the last couple of weeks, that included: Shane Kreamer, Eric Danowski, Cameron Miller, Alex Harenda and Ed Miller.    They used one of our Plural Component Spray Rigs to apply the Heatflex Hi-temp coating.

These pipe spools once completed, will be heading to a compressor station expansion project in Northeast PA.

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