The Fran Charles Dress Shop Exterior Painting

M J Painting has painted many historic buildings in our 50 plus year career. The building that houses the Fran Charles Dress Shop in Bradford has been around for a while. Check out the original photos.
In preparation for application of the prime and topcoat we hand scrapped and powerwashed the exterior.
Our crews noted that the old mortar mix on the building was sandy, which is common when working on these old buildings. Seeing this condition, we applied a Sherwin Williams masonry conditioner to the walls before application of the final coat. We also applied over 32 tubes of caulk.
The crew of Tom and Dan Evans and Rick Chiapuso knocked it out of the park again. Check out the finished product!!!
Thank you Fran Charles Dress Shop for choosing M J Painting to do your building refresh.
Remember small businesses are the heartbeat of America. Please continue to support your local small businesses.