Oil & Gas

Pipeline Recoat Project

A lot going on with this pipeline recoat project in central PA. Crews are in the process of recoating over 3,000 ft of a 12” pipeline. With the old tape coating failing, recoating the pipeline is a more cost-effective way of bringing it back into compliance vs.. pipeline replacement.
A long with this project comes many challenges including working in the extreme heat and a very hilly/mountainous terrain. Unearthing of the pipeline make trench safety paramount. Number one rule is making sure our crews and all people on site are safe to do their work.
Many duties await these guys on this project including applying SPC-2888 using one of our Plural Component Spray Rigs. Duties also include creating containment in the trenches, abrasive blasting pipe to near white clean, holiday testing after application of coating, installing Rock Shield and sandbags. After backfilling, planting grass and covering it with straw.
The M J Painting crews working on this project are Alex, Dennis, John, Skyler and Spencer. Great job guys, way to keep everyone safe and the project moving along on time and on budget!!!