Taming the New Jersey Marshes in Right-of-Way Maintenance Project

Who says you can’t mow a swamp? MJP Energy Services, a division of M J Painting Contractor Corp., recently conquered the challenging terrain of the New Jersey marshes in a successful right-of-way maintenance project.

The project, completed by our all-star crew using top-of-the-line equipment, highlights our expertise in handling even the most demanding right-of-way maintenance tasks. Partnering with the aptly named “Marsh Master,” a powerful piece of equipment specifically designed for wetland environments, our crew tackled the job with confidence.

Benefits of the Marsh Master

  • Swamps, lakes, ponds and even deep water are no match for these amphibious vehicles. Their design lets them navigate where regular equipment gets stuck.
  • Stability and flotation are key thanks to the Marsh Master’s unique tracked system. This allows them to work in challenging environments that would be off-limits to traditional equipment.
  • Marsh Masters are the ultimate multi-taskers. They can be outfitted with various attachments, making them adaptable to a wide range of jobs.

To attack a project like this, we deploy a powerful combination of cutting-edge equipment, highly trained crews with expertise in wetland navigation and equipment operation and a comprehensive reporting system. This system keeps our clients informed of progress, identifies any potential issues and ensures work is completed to their exact specifications. For vast areas that can’t be constantly monitored, this meticulous approach ensures even minor irregularities are documented and addressed promptly, giving our clients complete peace of mind.

Using their skills alongside the Marsh Master’s power, our crew completed tasks like weed whacking, mowing and line marker replacement within the thick brush and difficult terrain without breaking a sweat (probably).

Keeping a right of way properly maintained isn’t just about aesthetics; it’s crucial for infrastructure health. Clear paths allow for swift pipeline inspections and maintenance, minimizing downtime and potential disruptions. Additionally, during emergencies, first responders can access pipelines quickly and safely when brush and debris are kept at bay.

Neglected right-of-ways can also lead to hidden problems. Thick brush can obscure leaks or damage to pipelines, leading to costly repairs and potential environmental hazards. Regular maintenance allows for early detection of issues, saving money and preventing potential environmental disasters.

Does your right of way need a face lift? Our crews are available to help. Contact us today.

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