Oil & Gas

Pipe Fittings/Spools

M J Painting tasked with coating pipe spools and fittings for a major pipeline in West Virginia.

This 42” pipeline requires specialized coating (SPC2888) for underground corrosion control.

Our in-shop services offer a controlled environment to sandblast and coat both the pipe spools and fittings.

West Virginia oil and gas pipeline pipe fittings arrive at M J Painting Contractors for In-Shop sandblasting and coating.

Watch how we transform these raw pipe fittings into beautiful SP2888 specially coated corrosion resistant pipes at our in-shop sandblasting and coating facility in Olean, NY.

Museum quality work only to be admired by underground bugs and worms! M J Painting Contractor specializes in coating these pipe fittings for the oil & gas industry. These corrosion resistant pipe fittings will be heading to supply a major West Virginian pipeline.

These pipe fittings for the West Virginia pipeline are 42″ in diameter and the taller ones are about 7′ long. All fittings have been coated with SPC2888, a specialized coating used for corrosion control on underground piping.

Final inspection of these oil and gas pipeline pipe spools and then off to our customer. Each component was interior and exterior sandblasted to “Near White Blast”. Two coats of Carboline-Thermaline 450 Hi-Temp Coating was applied to the interior and urethane enamel to the exterior.

Completed pipe spools specially coated inside and out for a major pipeline construction project in West Virginia.