The Untold Story: A Pipeliner’s Way of Life

Spring has sprung and we’re seeing the lull of winter transition into the bustling energy of the upcoming summer season. While our pipeline blasting and coating services operate year-round, the next few months bring a surge in activity for the oil and gas industry across the USA.

This begs the question: who are the people behind the scenes who make it all happen? We’re talking about the crews who travel far and wide, braving various terrains and climates, to ensure pipelines are prepped and protected for optimal performance.

A Glimpse into Their World

The pre-deployment ritual often begins with an empty suitcase sitting starkly on the bed, a silent reminder of miles and days spent away, sometimes unsure of when they’ll return and the challenges they’ll likely encounter along the way.

We recognize there’s nothing that can truly alleviate the time away from loved ones, yet our gratitude is immense.

The morning buzz – zipping around in preparation, trucks lined up

Mobilizing the Masters

Imagine this scene on a typical Monday morning around our office: first, to set the scene, the air is absolutely buzzing with activity. Trucks are being loaded with sand for blasting, suitcases are thrown in the backseat, coating materials are secured, trucks rev to life and forklifts zip around with the precision of a well-rehearsed ballet.

All the while, safety is king – our crews participate in comprehensive briefings, equipment undergoes rigorous checks and everything is meticulously organized for the journey ahead. And then…calm.

Embarking on a new job

From the Parking Lot to the Pipeline

Then comes the sight that truly captures the essence of it all – a line of trucks towing air compressors and trailers and materials snaking out of the parking lot. These are our resilient travelers, embarking on jobs that can span weeks or months, taking them across state lines – typically as many as 14 in a single year! In just a few minutes, they’re all lined up at the country fair down the road filling up on gas and coffee to prepare for the long drive ahead.

More Than a Job, It’s a Family

As a company that prioritizes the well-being of our crews, we understand the importance of fostering a strong company culture that feels akin to family at its best. There’s a distinct sense of camaraderie and resilience that binds pipeline crews together.

This unique lifestyle fosters not only new friendships forged on the road, but also strengthens existing bonds. It’s a gleaming benefit that goes beyond a paycheck.

The Human Journey of the Pipeliner

It’s too easy to portray the pipeline industry solely through a technical lens. Behind the expertise and rigorous work ethic lies a compelling story of humanity. These are people who make personal sacrifices, often leaving behind loved ones and the comforts of home for extended periods. Some may embrace the nomadic nature of the job, while others create an admirable work-life balance on the road.

This summer, as we celebrate the critical role blasting and coating plays in pipeline safety and longevity, let’s not forget the remarkable individuals who make it all possible. Their commitment, impressive knowledge and willingness to embrace a unique lifestyle deserve recognition and a steady round of applause.

✔ Gas ✔ Coffee ✔ Ready to hit the road

So often it’s a new view from a different hotel. We appreciate everything our team sacrifices all while showing up with a smile and great attitude to get the job done.

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