MJP Introduces Newest Division

We’ve been busy at M J Painting, keeping up with our current projects while developing and launching our newest division: Signature Garage Floor Coatings! It only makes sense that after over 50 years we extend our painting and coating capabilities to a new sector.

At Signature, we now offer residential, commercial and industrial polyurea/epoxy flooring to Enhance Your Space, whether that’s your garage or other space in your home, your business or a large-scale industrial setting.

The benefits of an updated floor are valuable: reducing scuffs and stains, creating a non-slip surface that’s resistant to UV damage, non-porous, easy to clean. Maybe the biggest benefit is how it can extend your home’s footprint, creating a clean, polished space that is now welcoming as a hosting space, a place to renew your hobbies or exercise in peace. It’s also an impressive way to update your commercial space, truly highlighting your business in a polished, beautiful way.

Other benefits include:

  • Quick turnaround – generally one day depending on condition and square footage
  • Commercial-grade materials
  • Resistant to salt, chips and scratches
  • Resistant to chemicals and oils
  • Prevent wear and tear in high-traffic areas
  • Seal raw concrete and repair current flaws

After seeing these floors in person, it’s clear that installing a floor like this will truly enhance your space. We’re excited to see how many spaces we can transform and how it benefits our clients in the long term.

Contact us today to learn more about our process and how we can help you Enhance Your Space. 844-977-9700

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